Driving is not only a skill but also an art. It offers great freedom and flexibility. However, lots of responsibilities are there on the heads of the drivers. It is quite daunting to control the car and makes you feel nervous whether you harm anyone on the road. Of course, it is quite challenging to start driving for the first time but practice makes you good at the driving.

If you decided to take the driving lessons Melbourne, then you are on the right path to achieve your goals. It is because the best driving school designs the perfect lessons for the drivers based on their skills and demands. It helps them to learn and drive the vehicle confidently.

Additionally, they provide enough guidance on how to be a responsible driver, how to act smartly during an emergency, what kind of safety measures to follow, and the importance of following the road rules. First time driving lesson may be scary but if you do the following things, you will enjoy the lesson and learn driving quickly.

Tips to follow

  • Get plenty of sleep

Before your first driving lesson, you need to sleep well because getting enough rest helps you to stay focused, energetic and alert. It also assists you to feel ready to take on the new challenge. According to the expert, getting enough sleep is highly mandatory for developing the procedural memory. This learning memory aids you acquire the new memories for how to learn a new skill such as driving a car. So, make a sound sleep at night when preparing for the first driving lesson.

  • Become familiar with the car layout

Even though cars are different from each other, some basic accessories and features remain the same. Some of them are gear stick, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, clutch pedal, steering wheel, lights and indicators, and dashboard. Excepting the steering wheel and pedals, all other controls are located in different locations. Before starting your lesson, research and find the car that is accessed in your driving school. It helps you to search and learn the layout of the car ahead. It gives you enough confidence when using the steering for the first time and minimizes the chance of making mistakes. Keep in mind that driving instructors have the dual control pedals to assist you in emergencies so that there is nothing to worry about.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes

Wear comfortable shoes that let you move your feet freely. Avoid the heels and other types of shoes, which impact how you use your feet naturally. Maintaining the constant speed and applying the clutch or brake is extremely easier to do if you wear the right footwear. It gives you enough space to move the feet freely. Next, wear the comfortable clothes because it lets you move your arms and legs freely as well as to turn your body. Most importantly, you should be stay focused on your driving lessons Melbourne to learn everything quickly.