Google has heralded an all-new era of marketing. With huge coverage and relatively affordable costs, Google ads have become the priority for every advertiser today. While talking about Google Ads, it would be a shame to not mention the importance of keywords. Keywords are the single most important commodity when advertising on Google.

The choice of the right keywords can be a game-changer for your business. On the other hand, wrong keywords can invite unwanted traffic. Since you would be paying for these unwanted visitors from your pocket, you can soon run out of funds. Here is where the role of negative keywords becomes crucial.

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What are negative keywords?

Google allows you to insert a set of those triggering words that ordinarily would have generated traffic, but because you have added them in the negative keyword list, any result bearing those keywords would not be displaying your page. This is done because not every traffic is useful to your business.

Benefits of Negative keywords-

When it comes to PPC, you must focus on precision more than on traffic. Your Ads campaign must be laser focussed on the targeted audience only. This way you can generate high conversions. Negative keywords help you cull the irrelevant traffic which is unlikely to generate conversions on your campaign.

Another allied benefit of negative keywords is that their use increases your Ads’ Quality score. Culling out the triggering phrases which are irrelevant to your campaign positively impacts your click-through rate. Improving your CTR and Quality score means that your campaign would cost you less. Therefore, not only do you target a precise audience, but you also have to pay less for that.

Keyword Conflicts-

While adding the negative keywords, you might, unintentionally, add some of the relevant keywords or phrases to the negative keyword list. If that happens, the notice signifying “keyword conflict” appears at the top right corner of the screen. This insinuates that you have blocked the very same keyword which you are targeting.

Where to Find Negative Keywords- 

To begin with, you must review your search terms. They display the list of phrases which the people have searched for in Google. When you analyse the search phrases, you can easily conclude that irrelevant keywords like the names of your competitors trigger your result. Your page might be appearing in places where you don’t even serve the business.

You must be regular in such analysis sessions. All the irrelevant keywords must be added to the negative keyword list. This narrows your approach in the Ads campaign.

How to add Negative Keyword?

There are 3 methods of adding a negative keyword:

1- Adding negative at Group level- this method comes in handy in those situations where you want certain words to run in one ad group, but not in another.

2-    At the campaign level- if some of the phrases do not apply to any of your campaigns, you must add them at the campaign level. This would have an omnibus effect of banning those sets of keywords for all Ads.

3-    At Negative keyword list- a negative keyword list can be created by clicking on the ‘add negative keywords’ option. You can also select the wrench tool at the top of the screen. The negative keyword list can be accessed in the shared library. The final step is to earmark a campaign to this negative keyword list.


Since Keywords play a core role in Google’s algorithm, you must be careful with their use. Negative keywords are the only mode of communicating to Google that you do not such phrases to trigger your ads. Begin with making a list of the generalized phrases which are widely used. Phrases like ‘free’, ‘one time offer’ etc are wide in their use.

Also, negatively use those phrases which do not apply to your intent of marketing. E.g., if you are advertising your services, you must exclude words that invite ‘job offers’. Thus, your PPC campaign must be made more precise with negative keywords.