A market research provider will always work to capture and evaluate insightful marketplace information that a business can use to drive its core strategies for growth. One effective way of doing this is the use of research panels.

The use of research panels by market research providers

The use of a research panel is a desirable way of obtaining useful information. Information is usually captured in a budget-friendly way. There are various ways that market research providers provide rich market insights through the use of research panels. They also use specialty panels (experts in a certain marketplace) to provide useful insights on a certain subject.

For instance, a provider can have certain market tradesmen talk tools by taking surveys and doing focus groups as members of specialty panels. This will then be used to elicit special expert insights and perspectives on the “relevant tools” used in that market.

Modern market research providers and research panels

For relative ease, fast results, and convenience, many market research providers usually use online-based research panels. These are a group of people, commonly called “samples.” They usually agree to start and finish the online survey within a predetermined timeframe. The samples used in a research panel usually have the same properties as the targeted research group. They are usually expected to supply answers to questions formed based on certain topics.

A screenshot of modern-day market surveys

Modern market research surveys usually evaluate a wide spectrum of core market areas that come with various complexities. A market research provider will always design a survey to collect useful data. This survey can be academic, social, commercial, or marketplace research. The research usually covers a wide range of subject areas and includes business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).

Market research: Research providers and the Panel Management systems

When businesses aim to conduct any market research, they must aim to consult a provider that is fully experienced in the profession. Even the simplest market research projects need a provider with the best sample planning and designs for questionnaire screening. Market research providers usually provide panels that deliver a uniform and balanced representation of the target audience.

A market research provider will usually use a Panel Management tool to easily pre-target their survey participants. Most market research providers will usually sort out and leverage on their panel’s and a reliable online survey. This is used to create a focus group online to help them connect with the desired audience. A market research provider usually leverages an online research survey and their panels to work together. This can be done in different ways:

1). As a best practice, research providers usually screen their online survey participants constantly as a way to get relevant and qualifying responses.

2). The providers will usually update the profiles of participants regularly. This is very important to the data quality and integrity of the panel.

3). They essentially profile their panel membership. This is used to capture useful traits to target preferences, behaviors, ownership, demographics, and so on.

4). For every new survey, all respondents (both pre-targeted and naturally selected) are screened specially to evaluate their eligibility for the research.