Skywalker OG Auto Strain Genetics

Skywalker OG has OG Kush. Skywalker OG combines classic Thai, Kush, and Afghani gene sets, with large yields and high amounts of THC. These Skywalker OG Auto marijuana Seeds include Barney’s Farm’s Super Auto Strain to bring Auto flowering ease to the growing process.


Skywalker OG Auto-flower of cannabis has the same aromas and flavors as its predecessors. This strain also includes a mix of effects that include a full-body buzz you won’t soon forget!


Skywalker OG Auto Strain Effects

The Skywalker OG Auto THCA level is astonishingly high, especially considering it’s an auto flower . This results in quite a kick! If you don’t prepare, it can hit you hard and quickly.


The reward is a profound sense of relaxation that comes when you are aware it is coming. Your mind becomes numb and your muscles become numb. You feel so relaxed, your mind disappears into a euphoric, mind-expanding feeling of chill.


Skywalker OG Auto Strain Medical Health Benefits

Skywalker and OG Kush may provide relief for pain symptoms. This popular medicinal marijuana strain is loved by those with chronic pain. It has a relaxing effect on the joints due to high THC.


Skywalker OG Auto Medical Seeds can also be used to reduce stress. Skywalker OG Auto has terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds that can ease stress-related symptoms.


How Do You Grow Skywalker OG Auto Strain Seeds

This hybrid strain is available in auto-flowering feminized varieties. The grower needs to do very little when growing it. The plants can grow up to 2m even indoors. Trimming may be necessary. After germination, Skywalker OG Auto will flower in approximately 10 weeks.


Greenhouse growing is highly recommended for outdoor growers. This should produce those huge Skywalker-OG yields that made this strain so beloved. Fortresses of thick, thick, succulent buds, covered in orange pistils and red pistils. As your grow time draws near, expect to find tempting tropicals, citrus, or herby aromas.


Tips to Growing Skywalker OG


Tip #1 – Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain Analysis

Skywalker OG is a fabled mix between the Skywalker Sativa and the OG Kush.


Skywalker OG is primarily an Indica-dominant plant, which means it produces a strong sedative and relaxing effect. Skywalker OG is known for its short duration, which can last up to 90 minutes. However, it gives off a strong and potent high that will keep you on the coast throughout the entire time.


Interestingly, the Skywalker part of the name is not related to its ancestry. Instead, Mazar x Blueberry is the primary parental strain. Skywalker was named after Luke, who was its leading grower during its initial popularity. The world of pot can sometimes seem strange.


Skywalker OG has a distinctive flavor profile that is influenced heavily by OG Kush.


This feeling of calm serenity can last for the whole of the short high. It’s usually accompanied by a pleasant sensation of euphoria that leads to a feeling that makes your bed look amazing.


Although you won’t feel as tired as with other marijuana strains, your eyes will feel heavy. The idea of taking a restful nap will appeal to you.

The strain’s abilities to improve mood and sleep are so impressive that so many people wish to grow it.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is for you to grow your Skywalker OG.


Tip #2 Growing Difficulties

Skywalker OG has a very easy cultivation process and is great for personal consumption.

While careful pruning is something you will need, you don’t need to worry if you have a basic system to grow your Skywalker OG.


Tip #3 Growing Techniques

Skywalker OG is a versatile plant. It excels in many different conditions due to its OG Kush genetics that allows it to adapt to any environment.


This means you don’t require any very complex techniques, aside from proper Pruning.

Pruning means that you remove unwanted portions of a plant to encourage it to grow.

Skywalker OG is a type of pruning that involves removing the entire top.


By slicing off the top of your Skywalker OG you encourage bushy growth. This promotes a more cola-producing Skywalker OG and a greater yield of potable, real marijuana.

Skywalker OG grows quite full once it is topped. It’s important to space your plants well enough to prevent them from crowding one another.


A trellis is a wooden beam structure that provides structural support. This allows for healthy bud formation.


Tip #4: Skywalker OG Yield

If you follow the tips on your  Skywalker OG, you can expect a very strong yield.

The top produces the greatest yield. This is because the broad growth results in a large number of small, brown buds.


To get the best buds, you must feed it well.


Tip #5 – Feeding Skywalker OG

To ensure your Skywalker OG flourishes, you must feed it correctly

Even though this is true for all plants and hybrids such as Skywalker OG it is more relevant than ever.


You will need to feed your plant heavily. Use a mix of all-natural compost and regular, professional fertilizer.

Compost tea can be used to help feed the animals.