No matter if you’re looking for new colors or just a fresh coat of paint, it is important to hire professional commercial painting contractors.

This can be difficult if you haven’t hired a painter before. Here are five ways to make sure you hire the best commercial painting contractors.

1 Be sure to work with a professional

It is tempting to save money by hiring an unlicensed painting company. If you are unhappy with the quality of the work, or if there is no way to get a refund or a better service, it will be a mistake. Before you hire commercial painters, make sure to request a copy or the insurance certificate.

2 Compare a Minimum of Three Commercial Painting Contractors

Most professional painting companies provide free estimates. Be sure to inquire about the policies of your company when you receive an invoice. This covers things like the deposit required and the payment deadline, as well as how much time you will have to pay the final bill, the number of people who will work for your business every day, and what you can expect if there are any problems with the work.

3 Interview Potential Contractors in Commercial Painting at Your House

Talking to someone online or by phone will confirm that any painting company can provide exterior paint services you need. There is no substitute for visiting your business in-person to assess if the painters will be able to complete the job to your satisfaction.

When you meet with a painting company representative, be sure to give them all of your requirements. For example, what areas will you like painted and which areas will need to remain protected from paint. Be prepared to ask these questions:

How long has your business been in existence?

What paint type and how many coats are you using?

What protection equipment do your employees use for safety?

What can you do about paint spills?

Do you employ any sub-contractors?

If they seem hesitant or uninformed, you can move on to the next commercial painter.

4 Request References and Get in Touch

Interviews are a great way of narrowing down your candidates. These references will only be provided by a high-quality company. Ask the reference about their experience with the painters. Then, ask them if they would hire the company again. This will tell you a lot.

5 Get It Written

Ask your contractor to write down the terms and conditions once you have decided on a contractor. It should include these:

  • Anticipated Start and End Dates
  • For each work day, there are start and finish times
  • Details for preparation and cleaning
  • Any applicable warranties
  • Payment expectations

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