The breast size of our breasts changes approximately every six months. We generally don’t notice these changes but experts recommend that we have them measured twice a year.

Around 80% of women have the wrong bra size. We don’t understand the importance and necessity of wearing the correct size bra.

Before we get to the importance of bras Australia, let’s first understand what breasts are and how they can be affected by bra size.

Breasts are not made from muscles, they are made entirely of fat and tissues. If the breasts are not supported correctly, they will pull down, which can cause major strain to your neck, shoulder, and facial tissues, eventually causing them to fall apart.

Pros Of Wearing The Right Fit

A bra that fits well makes you look slimmer and gives your body a more defined silhouette. This will make you appear toned and lifted.

A bra can improve your posture and shape your body. All outerwear you wear will make you feel amazing.

A well-fitted bra can help you improve your physical appearance and reduce neck strain.

The bra lifts your breasts from the bottom and provides support that is essential for non-sagging breasts. It helps to keep your neck tissues and nerves healthy.

How Do You Tell If You’re Wearing The Wrong Size?

You can tell when your bra needs to be replaced by watching how your body/breasts react.

These signs are obvious: When the backband rides up.

It hurts when your shoulders bands don’t stay up and dig too deep.

You Can See The Empty Spaces Or Gaps In Your Cups.

Because breast tissue is made up of fat and tissue, the cup area will be the first to show any leakage or gaps. Your bra should be perfectly encased. If it is an underwire bra, it shouldn’t be too pokey.

To determine if your bra size is correct, lift your arms and twist your body. Your bra should stay in place.

How Often Should It Be That You Measure Yourself

Experts believe that breast size and shape changes occur every 6 to 7 months. It’s therefore important that we measure ourselves at least twice a year, if not more often. Your body weight, weight gain or loss, and age all have an impact on the weight of breasts. A bra cup size chart for women is a useful tool that allows us to determine our body changes.

Factors One Must Keep In Mind

It can be difficult to find the right bra for you. These are some tips to help you choose the right bra for you.

Straps: The strap should be adjustable and allow for two fingers. This will ensure that you can apply the right pressure to your shoulder.

Side wire: This feature could be found in some bras. Side wires: If you feel side wires in your bra, ensure it is flat against your ribcage.

The under band is the most important feature to look out for when shopping for a bra. The underhand should be flat against your sternum, and tight enough to allow for only two fingers space below the elastic.

Cup Size: Your breasts should be able to fit comfortably in your bra cups.

Remember that different brands and types can affect your cup size. A bra that is a c-cup size and one that is b-cup size will have different support.

The size and band of your cup will determine how healthy your breasts are.

If you haven’t measured yourself yet, do so today to find the right size.